Our pets are family and deserve to be remembered as the special little babes they are. As your photographer, when it comes to a pet photography session, I give you a few options as to the type of shoot you'd like to do: 

1. Just your pet 

This is a good option if you're looking for a photo you can blow up and put on your wall or if you want to use it as a background for your phone or computer. 

2. You + your pet: Professional look 

A studio-type shoot of you and your best friend looks clean, but still have that special memory feel to it. 

3. You + your pet: You do you 

These photos are extra special if you ask me. Ever find you and your pet having a special moment together, doing what you love and then you wish there was someone there to capture that moment on camera? I feel you. That's what this option is for! I'll hang out with you and your pet while you do what you guys love and I'll take snap shots of those moments for you.

1 hour
15-20 edited images
$10 / extra image
​$30 deposit due at time of booking

2 hours
25-30 edited images
$10 / extra image
$50 deposit due at time of booking