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Hi, I'm Nikki

I began my photography journey as an equine photographer back in 2013 as a hobby because as it turns out, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would when I took a course in high school. Fast forward to now (2023), I've found what I love photographing and that includes families, pets (inspired by my childhood cat and the first boy to steal my heart, Willy AKA Hammy), weddings + engagements.

I'm a retired equestrian who still loves the occasional pony snuggle, probably drinks too many chai tea lattes, and loves the mountains and travel (it's a dream of mine to shoot an engagement and/or wedding in Banff). 
When I'm not focused on photography, I can be found writing my book (which I hope to self-publish).

About: About
About: About

Since I'm all about photographing love, here's a few of the things I love...

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